‘Panic Attack: Art in the Punk Years’

Barbican Art Gallery, London, 2007

Exhibition installation over the two floors of the Barbican Art Gallery. The exhibition explored art produced in the US and UK from the mid 70s to the mid 80s around the sub-cultures of punk. Deep box structures partition or enclose spaces around a chronological narrative of work, passages through the structures are lined with polished aluminium. Covering a wide range of media — film, photography, painting and sculpture — the work touches themes of cultural crisis and social critique reflecting the experience of urban modernity.

Barbican Art Gallery
Barbican Art GalleryBarbican Art Gallery
Barbican Art Gallery
Barbican Art Gallery

‘Young Swiss Public’

Design and Curation of
Central House, The Cass, 2014

'Young Swiss Public' at The Cass School of Architecture, opposite the Whitechapel Gallery, London. Supported by the Swiss Embassy in the UK as part of The London Festival of Architecture 2014

‘Nyon Ecoquartier, Switzerland’

Competition, second stage finalist, 2014
With Stephen Taylor Architects

Competition project for Housing co-operative 'Codha' for around 120 affordable
apartments on the outskirts of Nyon, overlooking Lake Geneva.
The long snaking volume engages the natural wooded slope of the valley below
and creates an urban square for the locality. The project encompasses many
different apartment sizes and is designed to meet Minergie Eco-P regulations.

‘Europan, Ås, Norway’

Competition, 2013

Competition for a new cultural and student housing centre for Ås, a small
University town outside Oslo. The project arranges the Tandberg cultural
centre, a student housing tower and work studios, apartments and houses around
a new urban square and a quieter sculpture garden square.

'Navis,' Mining and Geological Museum, Jøssingfjord

Competition, Norway, 2011
With Lorenzo de Chiffre

Where the base of Jøssingfjord flattens out to meet the sea, a collection of roof volumes gather around a courtyard in the manner of industrial sheds or farm settlements. Inside the museum spaces are formed of concrete walls and column structures sheltered by folded planes of timber lattice structures. Views outwards are restricted to the rock faces of the mountains around apart from a focused view to the sea and the historic Hellerene houses. The museum is clad with corrosion resistant titanium composite panels.

Jossingfjord g plan
Jossingjord site section
Jossingfjord exterior
Jossingfjord interior 1 Jossingfjord interior 2

Södra Tennis Hall competition

Vaxjö, Sweden, 2009
With Daniel Dean, (Ramboll)

A new tennis centre and conference hall for the Södra timber company headquarters on the lake in Vaxjö. The new tennis building takes advantage of the natural slope of the terrain with the entrance at mezzanine level. The volume of the timber clad building is hidden between two flanking plantations of trees. The south facing entrance elevation is shelered by an undulating timber canopy made of the overhanging timber structural matrix than spans the sports hall. The laminated timber portal frames are inspired by the old fashioned tennis racket.

Vaxjö tennis 2
Barbican Art Gallery
Barbican Art Gallery

Museum of Garden History

Lambeth, London, 2007

Invited competition to design new exhibition spaces and reorganize the museum within its home in the deconsecrated St. Mary’s Church, Lambeth.

Inspired by the reconstructed medieval knot garden, the proposal clears out the spaces and places a new timber lattice gallery structure in the north aisle and west end of the nave. The temporary exhibition spaces are housed under the gallery behind cnc-cut decorative screens, a square spiral stair leads up to the library and office.

Jossingfjord g plan Museum of Garden History
Museum of Garden History Museum of Garden History Plan

Tribeca Infobox competition

Liverpool, 2008

A competition proposal for a sales and viewing pavilion for a large Urban Splash residential complex. The Tribeca brand manifests itself as graphics cut into the perimetre plywood site hoarding. Accessed through one of its perforations, the infobox is poised on triangular legs on a red tarmac events yard and is clad with textured timber hoarding. The first floor is for exhibition, sales and lectures. The top floor is a volumetric roof space for viewing the site model and the real site through large hexagonal windows.


Cecil Higgins Art Gallery

Bedford, 2008

On a riverside site adjacent to the old brewery building housing Bedford Museum, the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery is home to a remarkable collection of art and ceramics. This invited proposal for reorganising and redesigning the interiors of the gallery involved a careful study and inventory of existing spaces and collections. New works will connect the Victorian mansion and 1970s building of the gallery to the town museum. By selective alteration of existing fabric, introducing new rooflights, double height spaces and stairs,the clarity and orientation of the spaces is improved.

Gallery interior perspective
Gallery section